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I don’t know how many of our families are on Twitter, but we are slowly working on developing our communications and social media accounts! If you are on Twitter, you can find us at:


We hope to see you over there! Keep watching us for more updates.


We Are Growing!

Happy Summer, Everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and time off of school so far. This has been an incredible summer for us so far as we have some VERY exciting news to share! We will be growing by one location this fall, as we have been selected to operate the child care Centre in Sacred Heart Community School. We are both humbled and honored to have this opportunity, and are so looking forward to meeting new families to join us on our Centre’s journey. Sacred Heart is a beautiful school with an amazing emphasis on Early Childhood Education and we are excited about all that is to come.

We will be busy preparing this new location to open in September of 2017, and will be holding an Open House in August… all are welcome to attend this event. We will be looking for your help or donations of certain items throughout the summer, and hope that you get as excited about this as we already are!

Our new location at 1314 Elphinstone St!

If you are registered for this new Centre, welcome to our Normanview family! We hope that you feel at home here with us. If you are interested in registering for a spot in this new Centre, please contact Cara Steiner at 306-949-6684 or at We are looking forward to meeting you, and we will keep you updated in this space about everything as more information comes available.

We’re Going to Sarcasm!!

Attention all families! We have been talking about recycling and taking care of the Earth with the children at the house over the past few weeks, and we will be doing a project and collecting bottles until May 31, 2017. The downstairs staff will be using the money raised from recycling to purchase a new toy that the children pick out as a group.

We were talking to the children about it today and one of the little boys said that we were “going to take our bottles to SARCASM so we can get a new toy!!” Obviously we are all really excited, ha ha, and would love any can or bottle donations that you would like to bring in for us!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Exploring Is For More Than the Backyard


I can’t wait for summer. We had so much fun last year catching bugs and finding flowers and leaves and learning things about where we live. We spent hours in the backyard and the park. We grew flowers and built sand castles and played in water every chance we had. We visited with our neighbours and talked to them when they walked by or when they brought their brand new puppies over. It was an exciting several months!

Recently though, I have been feeling challenged to have us all start to talk to the children about people and cultures that are in other parts of the world. There is so much more than our backyard to learn about! Last Friday we found this amazing “glowing globe” that invites the children to play ever so nicely. The first few days that it was out, it was just kind of there. The children didn’t know what it was, and were not really that interested in it. However, as books and pictures and other ideas were slowly added to it, all of a sudden it became a fun place to play! This morning when I got in to work, the teachers had made these little puppets that the children can match to where they live in the world and now everyone wants to see where in the world different people are from.

With all of the events that have been happening lately in the world, I think that it is more important than ever to teach the children (and remember for ourselves) that the way someone looks or where they come from really doesn’t matter at all. We all look different from each other and have unique personalities, ideas, and languages, and we want to celebrate that! If we can do this right from the start, perhaps our children will have richer relationships as well as a deeper sense of acceptance and belonging in this great country and world that we live in.

If any parents have anything from home that you would like to bring in (like family pictures or dolls or books) please let us know if you would like to share those things with us for a little bit! We’d love to learn more about your child and your family!