Before & After School

Our Before and After School Program operates out of Ruth M. Buck Elementary School and has space for 40 children. We also have some children who attend St. Joan of Arc who attend this program as well. We are currently full in this program, but we are always accepting names for our waitlist as things can sometimes change quickly!

Our School Age Program is an unlicensed program, but we follow all provincial regulations as much as we possibly can. We believe that there are guidelines in place for a reason and our days go much more smoothly when we are able to incorporate them in our program. Our program differs depending on what time of the day it is. We have quiet mornings where the children are able to play, relax, eat breakfast or just have some quiet alone time before they are off to school. Our afternoons are more structured, in that we offer a snack, outdoor play time, and planned activity. We also offer full day care on PD Days, In-service Days, Report Card Days, and most holidays. We are thankful to have a good working relationship with the School and School Board so that we are able to provide this. We want to provide an interesting and inclusive program that all children can enjoy and benefit from.

Most of our staff in this program are working on their Education or Early Childhood Education degrees, and are in various stages of completing these programs. They work hard to ensure that the children have a busy and happy afternoon each day. We do expect that the children who are registered in this program follow a set of Behavioral Guidelines and will work together with our families to ensure that everyone can be safe in this program. We will not tolerate violence or bullying, and hand on types of behavior is prohibited. Children who consistently display these behaviors time after time will be asked to leave our program. We believe in the staff that we have, and if they are not able to help a child modify their behaviour after numerous interventions and meetings with the family/Centre Administration, we know that our program is not the right fit for that child. For more information you can read our Before & After School Handbook or our Before & After School Behavioral Guidelines.

We believe in teaching the children independence and problem solving skills, and to help them develop appropriate social and communication skills that will benefit them as they grow and go throughout school and life. For this reason, we do not allow the children to be on their cell phones or any type of technology during the times they are in our program. If parents would like to talk to their children, they are more than welcome to call our program and speak with them.

All of the forms listed below must be filled out before your child begins with our program, and have been updated as of October 1, 2018. You will need to contact our office at 306-9496684 or to confirm you have a space before bringing forms in.

Before and After School Agreement for Services

Before and After School Child and Parent Contracts

Before and After School Child Release Form

Before and After School Emergency Information

Before and After School Indirect Supervision Consent

Before and After School Outing Consent Form








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