Ruth M. Buck Incident

Hello Families!

As many of you are aware, there was an incident on the playground at Ruth M. Buck this past week.

I wanted to post a link to the notice from the school on our site, as many of you who have children in our Centre are hoping to have them move up into Ruth M. Buck as their home school! I really believe in the schools we have close by, both Buck and St. Joan, and the staff and administration of these schools work extremely hard to ensure that their students are safe each day, and that they are happy throughout the day. We have enjoyed our working relationships with these schools over the past few years, and want you to know that we know they are striving to provide great care for you now and in the future.

We have been working this year even in our little corner of the school on improving safety and security for all Prairie Lily children by keeping the door locked on a more regular basis, and are sourcing a video security and buzzer system for you as well for moving forward so that we are able to keep that door locked all the time.

Please let us know if you have any other questions and concerns, as we are always happy to talk to you about these things. Taking care of your children properly is our job, and we are always open to feedback about how to do this better!


Ruth M. Buck – March 28, 2018