It Takes a Village To Raise a Child – African Proverb

I hope that you will indulge me in a bit of a personal post today. My heart is full as I have been realizing over the past few months just how true the “It Takes a Village” proverb is. I have always been the kind of person who likes to monitor “quality control” … also known as, being a total control freak. I used to be scared to ask for help. I hate feeling like I ask too much of those around me (especially our staff, who pour out their heart and soul at work every day), and I never know if the standards I set for myself are unfair to impose on others. I have a hard time letting things go, and asking other people to help me, and looking back now I believe that my attitude in these areas has actually held our Centre back instead of allowing it to grow in new leaps and bounds.

As we move into August, and the opening date of our second location is just a few weeks away, I am overwhelmed by the village of people who have come around myself and the Centre in support. When we found out that we were going to be operating the new Centre in Sacred Heart Community School, the first few days were filled with happy tears and excitement. It didn’t take long for the enormity of this new project to settle in, but not once have I felt like this was an impossible task.

There have been countless people who have shared our excitement and listened to our plans, ideas, and dreams. There were people who came and lifted boxes, painted furniture, and helped write policies and update our information so we would be ready. There were people who responded to my numerous voicemails and emails, and remained patient while I asked a million and one questions. There have been people who have helped us build our website, change our phone numbers, source office products (including computers), and have helped me find and order items that I am having complete mental blocks on.

There have also been countless people who have helped arrange or dropped off donations. People have asked others to help us, cleaned out their closets, and found unique items for us. There were all the people on Varage Sale who answered questions and re-homed their treasures to us, often adding in other items as well. Some of you don’t even know us or our Centre, but you have made a lasting impact on a large group of children and families by helping us create a beautiful, welcoming environment. Every time a new piece of furniture or box of items comes in, I want to hug someone. We have been working with a limited budget, and I have no doubt that without everyone’s help, we would be opening a much lesser Centre.

I will forever owe a mountain of gratitude to every person who has been a part of our journey so far. To our parents and staff, thank you for your patience while we have navigated this new experience. Thank you for listening to me, hugging me when I need it, and bringing me coffee when I need it even more. Thank you for helping me remember everything, and being gentle when I forget. Post-it notes can only take me so far! To my family and friends, thank you for letting me answer your texts and emails a few days later than usual. I can’t wait to show you everything that we have been working on.

I am so excited to see what was once a dream of our Centre growing become a reality as we expand our Normanview family. Growth can seem scary, but the fact that we are getting a little bit bigger should be a celebration! The experiences I have had with all of our families in the last 5 years has only lit the fire inside of me to keep on becoming better, and to provide services for you to simplify your life and support you as you raise your children. I would not be who I am today without the trust you have placed in me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives, and to love and pour into your children. My life is so much richer because of all the people in it. Coming from someone who is not a mom, I cannot put into words what it means to me that you allow me to spend time teaching your children. Please know that my heart is big enough to love each one of them and there is so much more room to go.

So, cheers and thanks to everyone I am lucky enough to have in my life and in our Centre. Thank you for teaching me how to grow too, and for being my “village”. I hope that your lives are enriched as you have enriched mine.