Helping Raise Up Good Humans

Nap Cuddles.jpg

This afternoon, one of my Educators sent me a photo of the kids at nap time. One of the children was insistent today that she help rub the backs of some of our smaller children. The Educator let her help, as this child loves to be a helper and loves to take care of all of our stuffies, dollies, and apparently now also her friends. What started out as an Educator allowing the “rules” to bend and not being so stuck on keeping things “how they should be” turned into the photo above. I do promise that I know all the regulations about children’s beds being a certain distance away from each other, but for today, I didn’t have the heart to break up an incredibly touching moment where two of the children showed us in a simple way what it looks like to care for each other. I have been thinking about this photo all afternoon.

There are so many things in childcare that are staggeringly important. I can let myself be overwhelmed with the responsibility of what we do if I stop too long to think about it. Usually, I try to reflect on things at the end of the day, while at home and enjoying time with family and my puppies, but it usually sneaks in during the day too… much like this afternoon with our little photo. So far this year, I have been thinking about the importance of caring for each other and treating each other the way we would want others to treat us. It seems that no matter where I go, it is hard to get away from news of people treating each other in ways that shock and often upset me.

It seems that now, more than ever, one of the most important things about this job is for us to teach all these little humans about caring for each other. We are going to be different (which, by the way, is OKAY), and sometimes we are going to disagree (ALSO OKAY), but at the end of the day we are all people with thoughts and ideas and dreams for the future. I think that supporting each other’s differences is what makes us stronger.  When we combine all the different things we are individually good at we end up with a pretty amazing, well-rounded Center!

For as long as I am at Normanview, hugs will be free and given easy. Children will be accepted for who they are, and a spirit of friendship and happiness will be our goal. And on days like today, when we are caring for each other even when we sleep, I can reflect on today knowing that the future will be bright indeed.