Before & After

Hello everyone! This is Mackenzie from our before and after program. This post is for new and current parents in our program. If you do not already know about our Toy Day Tuesday and Electronics Friday, here is some information about it.

Toy Day Tuesday: Every Tuesday, we allow for the children in our program to bring a toy from home to play with at daycare. We began this a year ago as a reward for the children’s good behaviour. Items the children often bring are blankets, stuffed animals, bey blades, lego, Pokemon, shopkins, etc. Home toys do not include electronics.

Electronics Friday: On non-school days that fall on a Friday throughout the school year and during the summer months, we allow the children to play on electronics for one (1) hour during our designated quiet time. Children are not required to play on electronics during this time and may choose to have a rest, read a book, or play quiet activities alone or with others. Our program does not provide electronics for the children to play with. Parents and children are responsible for bringing electronics and chargers. The daycare is not responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen items. During excursions we offer to lock up the children electronics in our teacher cupboard.

Both of these days are seen as privileges and rewards. If a child begins to show poor behaviour, these items are subject to be taken away as a loss of privilege. 

Based on recent feedback, we have created a survey that will help us to determine if new and current families would like to continue or not continue to participate in Toy Day Tuesday and Electronics Friday. Thank you in advance for filling out the following three (3) question survey: