Picture Day is Coming!

We are so excited for another year of memories to be captured with Daycare Photos coming up. Picture day will be on Wednesday, November 4th starting at 9:30 am, and photos will be taken by Royal Studios again this year. They do such a great job of making the children feel comfortable and usually get some great smiles in the process! I know that last year there was some confusion surrounding picture day so I would like to make sure that we are all on the same page this year for this special day.

If you wish to have photos taken of your child, they must be at the center by 9:00 am at the latest. The half hour before our picture start time is extremely busy with set up and getting children ready with last minute hair combs and face washing, and we would appreciate you being on time.

Picture money must be in to the office ahead of time or by the very latest 9:00 am on November 4. Any money not received by that time will result in your child’s photo not being taken. There have been too many instances in the past of families promising to pay for them later and then the cost of their child’s photos later and not following through. The photographer this year has advised that he will not take the photos unless he has the money beforehand. If you are paying in cash, please leave it with Cara in the office if at all possible.

Photos are $15.00 per package. Each package includes an individual photo, group photo, and button. You are able to buy multiples of each package or you can order more prints when your package comes back. If you are ordering multiple packages please specify when you hand in your money.

If you prepay for photos, but your child is sick that day, you can have your money refunded or you can arrange a time to go sit in at Royal Studios to have your photo done. You will still receive a group photo with your package, your child just won’t be in it.

We have been so happy with our photos these last several years and would be delighted to help you have one more special memento of this year. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!