UPDATED: Secure Mode – September 16, 2015

As of 2:45 pm this afternoon, the Regina Public School Board has lifted the “Hold and Secure”. All classes will be dismissed as usual. Thank you so much for your patience with everything as we scrambled to get information for you this afternoon.

Please note that the Child Find Clinic for our Before and After School program will be rescheduled until tomorrow (Thursday, September 17, 2015). Thank you so much for working with us on all aspects of today.

Hello Parents,

We will be keeping our doors locked this afternoon to also comply with the Regina School Board’s decision that all schools in Regina go into a “Hold and Secure Mode” (all activities will go on as normal with all the doors being locked). If you need to come pick up your children we will let you in, and if you have any questions please call Cara this afternoon at 306-949-6684 or 306-537-2229.

Thank you for your cooperation! Keeping your children safe is very important to us.