Drop Us A Line!

Hello Parents and Friends!

As we start looking to beginning even more new projects and finding new ways of sharing information (including a newsletter!), we would like to ask that you join us in moving towards email and paperless communication. It will be much more environmentally friendly and a little bit more cost effective if we are able to do this instead of always sending home paper slips and notes. Some things like Mom’s Pantry, Scholastic order forms, Picture Day order forms, etc., will still come home in paper form, but the other little reminders could go straight to your email.

If you are able to help us make this change, please send an email to normday@sasktel.net and we will make sure to add you in as a contact. If you are registered and a part of our center already, this information will be sent home to you in paper form as well, but if an email address comes back we will start communication with you and your family via email right away. Thank you for working with us on this! We only want to make your lives a little bit easier, and welcome any feedback you might have regarding this change as well. Please feel free to share any thoughts when you send us your email address.

We hope you enjoy the rest of this rainy Wednesday! We are excited to see if this helps our sunflowers finally start to grow bigger… Keep an eye out for it when you stop by each morning!

Little baby sunflowers... Take Two!
Little baby sunflowers… Take Two!