Bring on Spring!

Little Boots

Little boots drying in the sunshine is a sure sign that we are having a GREAT day.

We are so glad that bright sunny days are finally upon us! We have to apologize for the long time between our posts and updates, but we have been BUSY with creating an amazing space inside our center. The last several months have included top to bottom painting, ordering and receiving new furniture for the children, and learning how to set up amazing invitations and high quality programming for all the children in our care.

We have been so fortunate to take part in a Play and Exploration mentorship project with the Ministry of Education and the University of Regina. We began our learning process in January and will be finishing everything up by May. It has been amazing to see our center grow and change for the better right before our eyes! We will be putting a post together next week with some pictures we have taken along the way… so stay tuned!

If any of our current families would like to take a tour or stop by and visit us, please give Cara a call in the office. We would be more than happy to show you around.