The Importance of Outdoor Play

At Normanview Daycare, we believe that outdoor play is incredibly important for your children! We are so lucky to have such amazing spaces at our center for outdoor play. Not only do we have the Ruth M. Buck city park right out our back door, we are fortunate enough to have both large front and backyards for our children to play in.

This fall we made great strides in completing our multi-year project of renovating the back yard. We had rubber pavers, artificial turf, and the framework for giant outdoor instruments installed. In spring, the backyard will be completed by installing a slide, a tire climber, and outdoor art, sand, and water play areas. We could not be more excited about this project being completed, as for the past several years, the backyard was full of rocks, pea gravel and dirt! It is going to be a wonderful place to play and we can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for us outside.

Outdoor play helps your children in so many areas of development. They are able to develop self confidence while taking risks in a safe and supervised environment. It is an area for the children to master developmental skills physically within their own selves and emotionally and socially as they play with other peers and adults. It is a space to exert extra energy so that they are able to learn and absorb new information while being guided by our staff through play based learning experiences and other group activities.

In our increasingly technological world, we believe that health and fitness are becoming more important than ever. We believe that children need to run and be busy, and that daycare is not the place for children to be staring at a screen. We want our children to be children as long as possible, and to develop a love for play and movement that will stick with them as they grow up. We want them to develop skills that will help them get the best start possible in life.

To our current parents, we would appreciate if you could bring in the appropriate clothing to ensure that your child will be comfortable while we continue to celebrate outdoor play while moving into the winter months. We will continue to go outside on any day that is warmer than -25 C, even if it is only for a few minutes at a time (Please see any of our staff for a list of items to bring).

We have included a few articles at the end of this post that will provide more information about the importance of outdoor play if you would like to check them out! And enjoy this photo of our beautiful backyard before the snow falls and covers it all!

Backyard 1

The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children

Take It Outside!