Getting This Show On the Road…

Well here it is, my first Director post! Whether you are new to our page or are an existing family member, welcome to our site. We will be using this site much more frequently in the upcoming months for a few reasons.

  1. To keep you up to date on the daily happenings around the center. Please keep an eye out for monthly calendars!
  2. To keep you posted on the exciting changes that are coming our way with taking part in the “Play and Exploration” training provided through the Ministry of Education.
  3. To keep you updated on information that comes up as necessary when it comes to our policies and procedures.
  4. To remind you of things you may need to bring or take home each day/week/month!

Whether you are family with us or not, I am delighted that you have chosen to connect with us in this way. We have more than just a “home-like” atmosphere here at Normanview… we are filled with an amazing group of children and a fantastic group of staff. Please feel free to reach out with comments or questions, we are here for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting things that are going on in and around the center, and check out our Blog for photos, stories, and events.

Cara Steiner